We need to work hard as a city to increase wages and reduce the cost of living so that we can bring financial security to more people. We need to see diversity as an asset for the city. We need to ensure that the regulatory framework protects our health and safety, yet does not discourage economic development, investment and opportunity. Cities have taken the lead as the federal government has backed away from its duties to protect people and the environment and I know Portland can drive this shift in leadership for the better. 
City Bureaus

Management over our city Bureaus is an important responsibility for our City Council. Unfortunately, they have been mismanaged. It is not clear if it is due to lack of attention, or not knowing what questions to ask and the right people to ask them to, but the fiscally irresponsible management over them needs to end. It is unacceptable that at a time of economic expansion, our city is closing parks and services. What we need is smart, efficient management.  





We have a crisis on our hands. Everyone wants the problem fixed but the city is not doing enough. There are many cities around the country that do not have the same degree of homelessness. We must replicate successful models used elsewhere to address our crisis. 


We need more housing in Portland. We need a greater diversity of housing in Portland. We need housing close to transit and job opportunities. Finally, we need housing to be more affordable for our residents. To do this we need to simplify and expedite the permitting process so that construction can move quicker to meeting the demand for housing. We should also promote construction technology that will reduce the cost of construction such as modular housing or Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). 


There is no greater challenge facing the planet than man-made climate change. I want Portland to set ambitious climate goals and actually meet them. At this moment climate emissions are actually increasing. Cities are leading the charge in reducing carbon emissions and I believe Portland can do much more in leading this charge.

Structural Reform

A recent auditor report shows that our current system of government is not working for Portlanders. It is time for geographical representation in City Council. Jurisdictions should be independently drawn to include diverse backgrounds and needs.

Additionally, I believe we should move to a rank choice voting method. This way you can vote with your heart first and with strategy second. This form of voting will also reduce the influence of financially powerful candidates.


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