Meet Tim

Promoting Social Values in a Fiscally Constrained Environment.

Tim grew up in a small town in Michigan where he learned the important lessons of hard work and the value of honesty. His father was a life-long plumber. His mother was the primary caregiver, yet also worked to help provide for the family. In this environment, he learned the important lessons of hard work and work ethic. The small community he grew up in also showed Tim how people genuinely appreciated the connections with others and Tim saw first hand about how honesty was the best way to build relationships. 


Now, Tim has lived in Portland for the past 11 years and has been a carpenter most of his professional life. He has seen many different communities, developments, and housing in Portland throughout his career that made him more aware of the good, bad and ugly. It made him more curious about better city planning and more passionate about how to better solve issues surrounding the city of Portland. Now, with this path and new found mission, Tim will complete a graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning in 2020 while still working full time as a carpenter and raising two boys with his wife. Currently Tim holds a degree from P.S.U. in liberal studies with a focus on community development and an associates degree from C.C.C. in energy and resource management.


Tim hopes to be the City Commissioner for the people of Portland and serve all of you for a better city. “I do not pretend that I have all the answers or that I know everything but I like to believe that I know when to ask questions for help to come up with more cohesive and comprehensive solutions.” Tim brings in bold ideas that are grounded in economic reality. He believes in including diverse opinions of many different groups in order to create better policies. “We do not need to keep reinventing the wheel. We have a world full of cities that have overcome the challenges we face and we should not be afraid to adapt those ideas.”



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